Akua Intaglio  water-soluble ink

Akua Intaglio water-soluble ink

Akua Intaglio

water-soluble ink


About Akua Intaglio

Akua Intaglio is a printmaker’s dream come true. Originally formulated for intaglio printmaking, this ink can also be applied with a brayer for relief printmaking, monotype, and collagraphs; and it will print from any plastic, wood, linoleum or metal plate. They contain no driers, offering a long working time for monotype or wiping the plate.

Made with Soy and Light fast Pigments

Akua Intaglio is a soy based ink made with the same high quality lightfast pigments. It has a thick consistency with minimal water content.

Clean up with soap and water

Akua Intaglio ink cleans up easily with a dry rag followed by soap and water. Inexpensive liquid dish detergent can be used. Never use toxic solvents.agian.


Prints can be re-soaked immediately after printing if handled carefully. Once the print is dry, Akua-Intaglio is permanent.

Never Skins or Hardens in the Jar

Ink will never skin or harden in the jar or on the ink slab, so no ink is ever wasted.

Easy to Use

Wiping the plate with Akua Intaglio is easier than wiping oil-based ink. Less wiping pressure and time is required.

Excellent Results

Wipes nice and clean while the paper picks up the ink efficiently.

Option to Print on Damp or Dry Paper

Choose to print on dry or damp paper according to what may be best suited for your technique. Plates with greater tonal value, deeply bitten or raised surfaces require dampened paper. It may not be necessary to dampen paper for shallow bitten plates with high contrast images. Monotypes print best on dry smooth paper.



Akua Intaglio
Color Chart


Hansa Yellow PY74

diarylideyellow.jpgDiarylide Yellow PY83 (not available)
dinitroorange_001.jpg Pyrrolle Orange PO73 (not available)
Scarlet Red (warm) PR112
Crimson Red (cool) PR5
phthaloblue.jpgUltramarine Blue PB29 (new color)
phthalobluegreen_000.jpgPhthalo Blue (green shade) PB15:4
 Phthalo Green PG7
Yellow Ochre PY42
burntsienna_001.jpgBurnt Siena PBr7 (new color)
 Red Oxide PR101
rawumber_001.jpgRaw Umber PBr7 (new color)
burntumber_000.jpg Burnt Umber PBr7 (new color)
Carbazole Violet PV23
Van Dyke Brown PR101/PR112/PB15
Carbon Black (warm) PBLK7
Lamp Black (cool) PBLK7/PB15:1
Titanium White PW6
Opaque White PW6 (not available)

 Metallic Gold (not available)

 Metallic Silver (not available)

 Graphite PBk10 (not available)

Paynes Gray PB29, PBk 7   (new color)

Bone Transparent Black  PBk 9 , (warm) (not available)

Mars Faster Drying Black PBk 11 (cool) (not available)

Oxide Green PG17 (not available)
Quinacridone Magenta PR122  (not available)



Akua Intaglio Modifiers 
When using Akua inks for the first time, we recommend trying them right from the bottle or jar without modification. If necessary, the inks can be made thicker, thinner or more transparent with the addition of our various modifiers.


trans_plus_pour1.jpgTransparent Base is Akua Intaglio Ink without the pigment. It can be used with both Akua Kolor and Akua Intaglio inks. Adding Akua Kolor to Transparent Base will thicken Akua Kolor and create new intaglio or relief colors. Adding Akua Intaglio ink to this base will increase ink transparency. Transparent Base is light amber in color with a thick consistency.
newoilconverter2.gifOil Converter (Ink Stiffener) was formerly called Oil Converter. When mixed with Akua Intaglio, Akua Ink Stiffener adds depth to, and stiffens the ink. It is clear/white in color with a very stiff consistency. Cleans up with liquid dish detergent.
Blending Medium is used to thin the ink for brushwork, wash effects or use it as a resist for viscosity monotypes. It is a clear, colorless liquid. It cleans up with water.

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