Rohrer & Klingner

In 1892, the lithographer Adolf Johann Rohrer (1850 - 1918) started the production of special graphic preparations in Leipzig. His son Johann Adolf Rohrer junior (1880 - 1953) - a lithographer by training like his father - took over and in 1907, together with his partner Arthur Klingner Felix, founded the company that is still known today as "Rohrer Klingner Leipzig Co".

After World War II, Johann Rohrer (1916 - 1991), who had returned from the war, joined the company. With his artistic instinct and his knowledge of chemistry, he succeeded in breathing new life into the factory. John Rohrer retired in 1981 and the company was taken over by his daughter Veronica Rohrer-Adamy, his son-in-law Hubert Adamy and their son Thomas Adamy, who are currently co-managing the company.

The production site in Leipzig was still in operation until 1982. Thereafter, the company moved its premises to Zella-Mehlis in the Thuringian Forest.

After 1989, the company succeeded in adapting to the new economic circumstances by adopting a new marketing strategy. This is how the Rohrer & Klingner brand became famous in Germany as well as in many other countries. Today, the 5th generation of employees maintains the long tradition (since 1892) in the production of inks and lithographic and engraving products.

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