Fotechem 2089 screen haze remover

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REF 320520

Fotechem 2089 screen haze remover
REF 320520

One-component cleaning gel, to be applied by coating trough or by the round brush, for the post-cleaning after stencil removal.
Size: 1l

1. Description
Brownish / Ready-to-use / Alkaline gel / Contains solvents
Can be used with all types of meshes
Removes ink and emulsion residues

2. directions for use
Apply on both sides of the mesh a thin layer on the dry mesh with a brush or better a coating trough made from stainless steel
Let react for maximum 5 minutes
Never use cold or warm air circulation to speed up the drying
Do not let allow the product to dry in on the mesh
First rinse with soft water jet
Then use high pressure jet to finalize the cleaning

3. hints
Pay attention with re-used screens that have been worn out mechanically or chemically
Avoid application on meshes with thread diameters below 35 microns
High pressure creates water fogging; wear breathing protection if there is no absorption device
Avoid penetration of FOTECHEM 2089 gel between frame and mesh

4. storage
Storing time: 12 months without loss of quality at temperature below 25°C
Store dry and avoid freezing
Keep containers well closed


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