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REF 409601

REF 409601

The distinguishing feature of this press is the upper roller drive. A gear ratio of 1:3,5 ensures a uniform motion during the printing process. Heavy duty double chains that drive the gearing are enshrined by a safety cover on the opposite side of the press as the driving wheel. Easily accessible screws are used to bring in the slack on the drive chains.
If the spindles are loosened, the upper roller is raised by spring pressure. Shims of cardboard can be placed under the pressure spindles to give more flexibility to the press (useful to compensate for irregularities when printing woodcuts or lino).The spokes of the star wheel are made of stainless steel. The upper roller has self lubricating bronze bearings and the lower roller ball bearings. The stand has two plywood shelves.

Bed size 60 x 120cm
Bed thickness 1 cm
Length of roller 60 cm
Diameter upper roller 13 cm
Diameter of lower roller 10 cm
Wall thickness of rollers 1,7 cm

- Length (of side frames) 85 cm
- Width (incl. star wheel) 110 cm
- Height (without stand) 30 cm

Gearing ratio (double chain) 1:3.5
Diameter of star wheel 108 cm
Max. opening between bed and upper roller 5 cm
Screw thread of pressure spindles (metric) M 20
Weight of the press 150 kg
Dimensions of the stand HxWxL 80x69x84cm

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