Screen filler Lascaux


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REF 320123

Screen filler Lascaux
REF 320123

500ml bottles

In waterbased screenprinting a direct stencil can be formed by applying a thin layer of Lascaux Screen filler to open areas of mesh with a paint brush or a squeegee. The filler lies between the threads of the mesh and dries to become a waterproof stencil which closes the mesh, preventing the printing mix from passing through during printing.

Removal :
The non-dry Screen filler can be cleaned from brushes, tools and the mesh with warm soapy water.

Mystrol can be used to weaken and remove Lascaux Screen filler from the mesh. Meshes should be degreased before removal of Screen filler as greasy deposits will inhibit the action of the Mystrol. Apply the Mystrol generously to both sides of the coated mesh using a soft brush. After 5 minutes make a second application to ensure that the coating is even. Leave the Mystrol on the mesh for another 10 minutes before rinsing it from the mesh gently with warm water. The weakened Screen filler will appear to be unchanged at this stage but when a pressure hose is used on both sides of the screen the filler will come away easily leaving the mesh clean.
Thickly coated meshes may require the process to be repeated. It is worth noting that if the
Mystrol is left to dry on the mesh the Screen filler may harden and the process must be started again.


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