Speedball photo emulsion + diazo


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REF 320210

Speedball photo emulsion - diazo
REF 320210

Photo emulsion for screen printing in a 780ml jar.

Photo emulsion for screen printing in a 780ml jar.
Its fineness allows to expose drawings on transparencies, fine lines and halftones.

It is composed of 2 elements: the emulsion on the one hand and the diazo sensitizer on the other hand.
To prepare and activate the emulsion, fill the diazo bottle 3/4 full with cold water, mix well and then add to the emulsion. Stir until a solid color is obtained.
Once the 2 elements are mixed, the product can be kept in a dark place, 4 weeks at 32°C, 8 weeks at 21°C or 4 months if stored in the refrigerator.

For coating, apply with a squeegee once on the printing side and once on the other side.

For removing, use Speedball® Photo Emulsion remover.


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