Textile emulsion Fotecoat 1838

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REF 320205

REF 320205

1kg box

A ready to use screen emulsion for textile screenprinting with plastisoles and aqueous inks. Its colour is magenta.
The stencils allow excellent see-through that makes pinholes fixing easier.

Fotecoat 1838 comes with an additional sachet of diazo but it can be used without the addition of the diazo.
What can be achieved with the voluntary diazo-addition?
The stencil allows longer runs.
The water resistance is improved.
The decoating becomes more difficult.
The exposure time has to be increased by 15%

The emulsion can be coated 1/1 or 1/2 wet in wet.
If necessary, the emulsion can be diluted with water without losing light sensitivity.
Solid content: 38%
Shelf life: 1 year.


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