Saral Paper Corp. the specialist inventor of wax-free, non-greasy transfer paper for transferring onto most surfaces.

Saral Paper Corp. was founded in 1954 by Sara "Sally" Albertis (hence the name: Sar-al), an artist who was tired of creating her own graphite transfer paper with a graphite pencil and her "elbow grease". She enlisted the help of a team of chemists to develop the first generation of Saral® wax-free transfer paper.

The invention of Saral's wax-free method, whose trade secret is to make graphite and other colors adhere to paper, enabled Sally, her fellow artists, canvas painters and craftspeople around the world to put down their graphite pencils and get back to their arts and crafts.

To maintain the highest possible product quality, the paper used in the manufacture of Saral transfer paper has evolved and been improved over the years since 1954. However, the transfer inks used by Saral have always been wax-free and have not changed because they are the best available.

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