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Welcome to our small selection of reference works, prestigious editions or rare books on art printing and engraving. They are available for free consultation thanks to libraries around the world and their digitization.

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Nouveau manuel complet de typographie :

historique, composition, règles orthographiques, imposition, travaux de ville, journaux, tableaux, algèbre, langues étrangères, musique et plainchant, machines, papier, stéréotypie, illustration

par Emile Leclerc


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Catalogues de typographie :

Specimen de caractères, catalogue de fourniture et d'ornement, organisation d'atelier. Quelques références sur le site de la BNF.

catalogue BNF

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Dessins de lettres :

 Here is a nice selection of typography drawing work, using Speedball® nibs. Before creating products for screen printing, the American manufacturer offered fountain pens with an ink reserve as early as 1899, still used for calligraphy.

Also discover the Textbook published by Speedball!


Letterform Archive

vintage speedball Textbook

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