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Water-soluble tusche for creating transparencies
In 500ml bottle

Lascaux inks are used for the production of transparencies for photosensitive printmaking processes: photogravure, photocollagraphy (photopolymer films and plates), screen printing, photolithography, etc.

This viscous tusche can be painted in a smooth even layer which can be scratched away to create delicate non-printing lines. It can also be used for a broad range of painted marks, offsetting and pattern-making. The diluted tusche dries to create characterful granular washes. Dry marks can be re-wet and altered if required. 

Working practice 
Work on a clean white horizontal surface or a lightbox.
Use a china or glass bowl as a palette. Brushes, paint shapers, rags and sponges can be used to make marks. Patterns can be created by offsetting materials such as painted card stencils, linocuts, printing blocks, embossed paper, leaves or feathers. Blotting paper can be used to apply or lift off the tusche. The Tusche can be used directly from the bottle or diluted. The painted areas will ultimately print. 

Video on Lascaux Tusche Water-soluble
Screenprinting artist John McGowan explores the product and demonstrates how he uses Tusche Water-soluble:

Lascaux Tusches should be cleaned from brushes, tools, and surfaces with warm soapy water before it dries.
Dry tusche can be removed with household cleaners. A non-scratch bath-cleaning pad makes removal easier. 

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