Pin roller 30cm


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REF 471030

Abig pin roller 30cm
Abig pin roller 30cm
REF 471030

Pin roller 30cm / diameter 50mm.

The relatively hard synthetic rubber layer (Thickness 5mm / hardness: 55° Shore) covers a rigid aluminum core.
The two side handles are mounted on ball bearings to ensure smooth operation.
These manufacturing and finishing qualities make it a very popular and rather cheap semi-professional inking roller.

This roller can be used with both water-based and oil-based inks.
For cleaning, unload as much ink as possible by rolling on a sheet of paper.
If using water-based inks, clean the rubber with soap and water and finish by drying the whole, insisting on the ball bearings. If the roller will not be used for several days, apply talcum powder onto the rubber layer.
If oil-based ink is used, clean with Avisol 310 (or type F gasoline) and finish by drying, insisting on the ball bearings. Apply talcum powder if necessary.


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