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JS Gutenberg Professional - Oil based etching ink

Those inks are conceived according to a formula that allows printmakers to wipe off non-heated plates.
Carbon black is the standard black.
Jet black is  a blue black and Volcano black is warm.

All the conditioning actions are processed by hand to assure a systematical quality control test.
Blacks are available in 60ml tubes, 200ml and 400ml cans.

A few words:
At the end of the 80’s Joop Stoop developed its own etching ink thanks to the help of the head of the world’s largest printing ink manufacturer. Since then JS Gutenberg Professional etching ink is used by plenty of printmakers worldwide.
The modern organic pigments we use have a much higher covering power than metal based pigments used in the past. In addition they are more lightfast and give a rich color strength (Color fastness is measured on a woolscale from 1 to 8, 8 having the highest color fastness possible). Above all these modern pigments are much safer healthwise and for the environment.
The secret to obtain the best viscosity can be attributed to our own heated varnishes ( common vehicle composed of natural oils such as linseed and soya oil). Once combined with the pigment ink can be ground up to three times to fulfill our standards for the fine grain < 10µm.
Our Dutch product  is made by a team of highly-qualified specialists who perform in-coming checks on the purchased materials in a modernized laboratory to guarantee the quality of the finished product JS Gutenberg Professional etching ink.

Composition and light fastness:
Carbon black PBk7 / PB61 - 8/8
Jet black PBk7 / PB61 / PV15:4 / PV23 / PB 15:3 - 8/8
Vulcano black PBk7 / PB61 / PR2 - 8/8

Block printing
Etching engraving

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